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Sustainable development

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Professionals, but also colleagues, parents and neighbors

In a business like ours, professionalism is a necessary but not sufficient requirement. Therefore, the other two dimensions without which we would not be able to stand in the long term are human and ethical. We value our co-workers, therefore we provide for them such working conditions in which we want to work ourselves. We power and produce electricity in places where people live. We want to be partners and good neighbors for them. We use mineral resources in the landscape, which we clean up and return mostly in better condition than we took over it. Last but not least, we are citizens and we know that the future of our country will be as good as we make it for our children. That's why most of our philanthropic activities are focused on them.

5 000

square kilometres of restored
land from the date
of privatisation


2 000 000

EUR support
for charitable projects

7 Billion into clean air

The Group entered the energy market in 2013 when it purchased a power plant in Chvaletice from CEZ Group. As a result, it entered the electricity and heat market as a new large supply company. Today, it belongs not only among the most important of energy suppliers, but also among the most responsible. This is evidenced by the general repair and greening of all four units of the Chvaletice power plant, which, when completed, will mean an investment of 7 billion CZK.

Landscape recovery

Reclamation activities are closely related to the environmental area. Restoration of the territory and landscape affected by mining activities is an integral part of mining business and the legal obligation of mining companies. The aim of the recultivation in the Group is to create a new multifunctional landscape linked to the future needs of the region. The landscape is conceived as open with a large proportion of agriculturally usable areas as it was in the past. Compared to the pre-mining landscape, however, its ecological function will be strengthened by including more forest stands, scattered greenery and wetlands.

Appropriate areas are left to natural recovery. This type of reclamation is also referred to as the restoration of a landscape close to nature or also succession. Areas for recreational and sporting purposes are also being created. Municipalities and towns gain new territories for their development. The area directly affected by the mining of the Group's companies is constantly decreasing due to advancing reclamation and the acquisition of new areas is very rare.

Fair employer

Companies of the group are major employers and have a significant impact on the economic and social situation in the regions where they operate. The group considers employee care to be a fundamental value and basis for its development. The management of the group realizes that for its activities and long-term perspective it needs to be above all capable, loyal and motivated employees. Therefore, it uses all possibilities to provide them with an interesting work perspective.

Good neighbour

We are not just experts. We are also neighbors, citizens and people who understand that sometimes others need help. That is why our programs cover a wide range of philanthropic activities ranging from helping local communities to internationally recognized support for the Czech language at Oxford University. Our financial support beyond the statutory levies of the state and the region is in the tens of millions of Czech crowns per year.

Local support

Most Black Angels
sponsoring a women‘s handball team

HC Dynamo Pardubice
sponsoring of a professional hockey club

City of Most Hospital Neonatal Dept.
co-financing partnership

One-off regional projects and operational support


National support

North Bohemia Regional Support
partnership supporting the region on the national level

East Bohemia Regional Support
partnership supporting the region on the national level

Food for children
unique project supporting disadvantaged schoolchildren


2 000 000

EUR support for charitable projects

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