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Elektrárna Chvaletice a.s.

In 2013, the Chvaletice power plant, originally part of the ČEZ Group, became part of the Group. It was renamed to Sev.en EC, a.s. in 2015. It is the youngest coal power plant in the Czech Republic. In addition, it has undergone extensive greening since 2016 with the aim of reducing emissions of harmful substances and thus meeting the strict requirements of European legislation.

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> Contacts

Place of business:
K Elektrárně 227, 533 12 Chvaletice
File number:
B 2905 registered at the Regional Court in Hradec Králové
Date of registration: 1. 2. 2010
Identification number: 28786009
VAT no: CZ699003245

phone: +420 462 101 111

Bank account in CZK:
PPF banka a.s., Praha 6

Bank account in EUR:
PPF banka a.s., Praha 6
IBAN: CZ54 6000 0000 0020 2385 0058

IS OTE (RÚT): 4870
Trade license: 141015569
Production license: 111015570
EAN(13): 8591824487006
EIC Code: 27X-ECH-EG01---S
CO2 account: EU-100-5006995-0-77
Data box: t2kkfjj

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