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Secure transfer to energy from renewable resources

The future of energy is undoubtedly in pure energy. We are convinced that the transition from classical to renewable resources will be gradual and more evolutionary than revolutionary. It is a change of unprecedented proportions with many unknown impacts.

We see our role as a safeguard or better as a bridge between the energy worlds of today and tomorrow - we want to meet the ever-increasing demand for reliable energy while helping to securely transform energy markets towards greater use of renewable resources.

”Our mission is to bridge the gap between the world of today and tomorrow's energy.”

41 809

GWh of electrical energy produced since 2013

1 818

GWh of heat produced since 2019


milion tons of coal mined since 2010

3 306

number of employees

45.3 km2

of restored land from the date of privatisation

4 200 000

trees curently planted

> Key people

Since 2023, Michal has been the CEO of the Kladno Power & Heat Generation Plant.

Michal Hons

General Manager of Kladno Power & Heat Generation Plant


Pavel Tykač

Pavel Tykač, an experienced Czech entrepreneur and investor with a proven track record in the energy business, is the Ultimate Beneficiary of the Sev.en Group. He obtained a degree in engineering from the Czech Technical University in Prague and has a deep technical understanding of the energy sector. In the 1990s, Pavel Tykač built the successful computer company Vikomt. Other entrepreneurial endeavours of his include investments in the banking and brokerage sector. In 2006, Pavel Tykač first became involved in the energy market, when 40 % of the lignite company Mostecká uhelná (MUS) was acquired and later renamed to Czech Coal. In 2010 he became the sole beneficiary of the whole group. In 2017 began the transformation of Czech Coal to Sev.en Group. During this time, Czech Coal/Sev.en participated in several M&A deals and entered into several long-term contractual arrangements.


By concluding an agreement with the other shareholders, Pavel Tykač becomes the sole beneficiary of the coal company. By gradually joining other companies, it starts the process that resulted in the formation of the Sev.en Group in 2018.

The financier and investor Pavel Tykač, currently the 6th richest Czech according to Forbes magazine, invests in a minority stake in Czech Coal company, which owns, among other things, brown coal mines ČSA and Vršany.

As part of the so-called coupon privatization, the state sold less than half of the coal company shares to private owners. In the first decade of the new millennium, the company was 100% private.

The nationalization of property by the Communist regime struck another serious blow to promising development. The mines became part of the state enterprise.

The successful development of the empire, including the development of the coal business of the family, was interrupted by the rise of Nazism to power and the subsequent aryanization of their property after the occupation of Czechoslovakia.

The Petschek family put emphasis on long-term development. They invested heavily in the mines, which caused the company in Most to become the strongest mining company in the 1920s. And not only that. At the end of the decade, the Petschek financial group controlled half of Europe's coal mining, especially the mines in Germany.

In 1905, Ignatz Petschek acquired a majority stake in mining companies from the von Hohenlohe family and there was nothing in the way of the development of the coal industry in northern Bohemia.

The beginnings and first expansion of brown coal mining in northern Bohemia are associated with the Petschek family, namely with Moses, who already recognized that coal is the heating medium of the future at a time when most households were still burning wood.

> History

Beginning of the formation of the Sev.en Group

Pavel Tykač enters

Privatization of mines

Nationalization by the Communist regime

The property of the family, including the mines, passes into German hands

Half of European coal mining in the hands of Most coal-mining companies

The Petschek family dominated mining in northern Bohemia

We rely on 150 years of mining experience

> Sustainable business

Sustainability is part of our dna

An important part of our day-to-day work is our awareness of the responsibility to sustain our values for future generations. We consider it our duty to restore the landscape affected by our activities. At the same time, we constantly strive to contribute to improving the environment. We continue in this tradition for many years. As early as 1908, the first land recovery office was established in Duchcov, a town on the outskirts of the Most mining area. Long before the word sustainability became a common part of the modern vocabulary.

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