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> Coal mining

Vršanská uhelná a.s.

It provides brown coal mining in the locality Vršany in the central part of the North Bohemian Brown Coal Basin. It has coal reserves with the longest lifetime in the Czech Republic within the existing territorial limits. In 2013, the company concluded a contract for the supply of coal to Počerady Power Station with the ČEZ power company, thereby securing coal sales until stocks were exhausted, ie for about forty years.

> Contacts

Location Hrabák, Most – Čepirohy
GPS coordinates: N 50,47650 – E 13,61533 (Hrabák, main warehouse)

phone: +420 476 202 511

Place of business: Václava Řezáče 315, 434 01 Most
File number: B 1987 vedená u Krajského soudu v Ústí nad Labem
Date of registration: 22. 10. 2008
Identification number: 28678010
VAT no: CZ699003245

Bank account in CZK:
PPF banka a.s., Praha 6

Bank account in EUR:
PPF banka a.s., Praha 6
IBAN: CZ07 6000 0000 0020 2383 0049

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