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Veronika Diamantová to Manage Communication at Sev.en Global Investments

Press Release (January 5, 2023)

A new arrival has reinforced Sev.en Group’s communication team. Coming from Sazka, Veronika Diamantová has filled the position of Sev.en Global Investments Group’s Head of Communication. She will be responsible for communication in all countries in which Sev.en Global Investments has invested.

Sev.en Global Investments Group has recently experienced a very dynamic growth and currently operates on three continents. ‘Our portfolio now includes both energy and extraction companies, primarily in Australia, the US, and the UK. At the same time, we are looking for additional long-term investments in various countries and sectors. We therefore need strategic reinforcement in external communication,’ notes Alan Svoboda, the CEO of Sev.en Global Investments.

At Sev.en Global Investments Group, Veronika will work as the press spokesperson and also manage communication and PR activities at its foreign companies. Her mission is to enhance awareness of Sev.en Global Investments Group, cooperate with PR agencies in this Group’s countries of interest, and create a media image helping to support the Group’s current business activities and to acquire additional strategic assets. 

Veronika Diamantová is a journalism graduate from Charles University’s Faculty of Social Sciences. She has spent nine years at Sazka as the External Communication Manager and spokesperson. She has acquired media experience thanks to her almost seven years in Czech Television’s news service as an economy editor and presenter.

Eva Maříková will continue to be in charge of communicating Sev.en Group’s activities in the Czech Republic; her agenda will be extended to include some additional activities. In addition to creating the Group’s media image in the Czech Republic and communicating with the Czech media and public, Eva will newly be in charge of the main communication campaigns and our Czech companies’ grant-related activities.

Gabriela Sáričková Benešová, who will primarily focus on Sev.en Group’s communication strategy, continues to serve as its HR and Communication Director and spokesperson.




Veronika Diamantová
Spokesperson, Sev.en Global Investments
GSM: +420 775 299 337

Gabriela Sáričková Benešová
Spokesperson, Sev.en Group
GSM: +420 725 327 758


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