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The Green Mine project

21 December 2022

Dear colleagues,

Please let us introduce the new website greenmine.cz which presents comprehensive information about the revitalization of the ČSA mine – the largest transformation project of the Sev.en group.

The website details the history of mining in the ČSA mine area and also introduces the Sev.en Green Mine project. Our initiatives and projects in climate technologies and new materials aim to link energy and modern industrial production. On the website you will also find visualizations, 3D graphics and time-lapse materials showing the future landscape including the lake to be created in the former mine. The plan provides for residential and industrial complexes and leisure and recreation areas in the vicinity of the future lake.

When mining ceases, we plan to transform the ČSA mine into a site for emission-free energy production. A part of the area will be used for modern agricultural production, other parts shall also include modern residential development. The planned business activities shall primarily focus on the production of green hydrogen (which we shall develop as one of the pioneers in this area in the Czech Republic) and on the further processing of energy by-products (used mostly as alternative construction materials). Both projects are currently evaluated in cooperation with industrial and academic partners, with maximum respect for nature. The new lake also brings new possibilities for recreation and tourism.

The new landscape and business projects in the region aim to make the region an attractive place for living. Up to 1,000 jobs will be created in the industrial zones for current and new employees. The Green Mine transformation project ensures the long-term sustainable development of the area in which we live and do business and significantly exceeds our reclamation duty.

We have initiated multiple cooperation activities with many experts and partners including the Economic and Social Council of the Ústí Region, the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně, the Czech University of Life Sciences, the Silva Taroucy Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening or the companies Bee Partner and ON Plan.

The Green Mine project has received the status of a “Strategic project of the Ústí Region” as part of the Just Transition Operational Program. Sev.en is also cooperating with the state enterprise Diamo.

Pavel Farkač, Head of Transformation and Development Projects


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