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Pavel Tykač Donates CZK 100 Million to Help Ukraine

Press Release

Prague, 1 March 2022 - Pavel Tykač’s companies have prepared a CZK 100 million assistance package called The Bridge for Ukraine. They also want to help to mitigate the energy impacts of the armed conflict.

“Horrified, we watch the developments in Ukraine. We are aware of the suffering inflicted on the people who have been directly hit by the conflict. I and my family believe it to be our duty to help where help is needed most. We have directed our steps towards quick and immediate assistance and to more long-term support for the people who have fled from the war into the Czech Republic,” says Pavel Tykač.

One part of this money will go to a fundraising account for Ukraine through Nadace rodiny Tykačových (The Tykač Family Foundation). Another part of the funds will go to the projects of partner towns and villages that are organising lodging for the war refugees and their adjustment to the new conditions. Women for Women, a beneficial organisation, will also provide assistance. “In a war, children are clearly the most vulnerable group. Many of them live through terrible things and some of them, unfortunately, experience the worst--loss of their parents. We are ready to provide immediate financial assistance to orphans left by Ukrainian soldiers,” says Ivana Tykač, who manages Women for Women (W4W).

A few days ago, W4W started to arrange lodging for the mothers and children who had fled from the ravaged areas. W4W specialists will also provide expert psychological help and therapy intended to help the refugees overcome their war-related trauma. Additional money has been allocated to, for example, lunches, after-school clubs, and hobby groups for the Ukrainian children who will gradually join Czech schools. Support for their Czech language courses is an option being discussed.

Sev.en Energy Group will also join the effort. In addition to granting financial gifts, the Group has called a humanitarian fundraising drive amongst its employees and cooperates with its long-term partners amongst non-profit organisations. In response to the request published by Úřad práce ČR (The Labour Office of the Czech Republic), the Group has identified several tens of job positions that it will be able to offer to the refugees or to people who have been living here for some time but have now been left without their main income as their breadwinners are leaving for Ukraine to fight.

“We want to coordinate with municipalities and other partners. Mainly women with little children are reaching the Czech Republic at present. They are safe here, but without any means. Besides having a roof over their head and the basic furnishings, they need to find their way around in this country and feel that they have at least some prospects. We would like to help them in this on a long-term basis,” explains Luboš Pavlas, Sev.en Energy President and CEO.

Sev.en Energy is also preparing a new grant intended for mitigating the energy impacts of the current crisis. “The war in Ukraine is also negatively impacting the energy situation in Europe. Energy prices are rising and hardly foreseeable; they are becoming decimating for some, and not only households and companies but also for a number of organisations that look after the weakest members of society – children, senior citizens, and disabled people. We have decided to help with these impacts of the conflict as well. We are preparing a grant geared towards help with the decimating energy costs and also with identifying energy savings that may help to cut these costs in the future,” explains Luboš Pavlas. The energy grant will be launched in the coming weeks.




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