Severní energetická a.s.

Group profile

The Group includes Severní energetická a.s., which manages the Československá armáda (ČSA) surface mine, including a homogenisation plant and the Komořany Coal Preparation Plant, Důl Kohinoor a.s., in liquidation, which operates the last deep brown coal mine in the Czech Republic, and HUMECO, a.s., engaged in mine water pumping and treatment. In 2013, Elektrárna Chvaletice a.s. was acquired when the Group bought its shares from the ČEZ Group. This move marked the Severní energetická Group’s entry into the electricity and heat markets as a new player.

Business strategy

Severní energetická a.s., then a mining company, changed its business and commercial strategy in 2013. The demerger of this company from the Czech Coal Group and its acquisition of the Chvaletice power station have resulted in the emergence of a new entrant on the market; this player will help to broaden the competitive environment in energy. In addition, combining energy mineral extraction and energy generation will give long-term prospects to the ČSA surface mine and the Chvaletice power station and help to make brown coal production and use more effective.

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