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The Chvaletice power station

Sev.en EC, a.s. became a part of the Group in 2013. Severní energetická a.s. bought the shares in this utility from the ČEZ Group. This move marked Sev.en’s entry into the electricity and heat markets as a new player.

About the power station

The Chvaletice power station is located in the Elbe basin near the city of Pardubice. It was built between 1973 and 1979 on the site of former Manganese and Pyrite Works, where pyrite extraction was ending at that time. The completion of the Elbe Waterway was associated with the construction of the power station, because North Bohemian brown coal, which is fired in the Chvaletice power station, was brought to the power station on water from Lovosice until mid-1996.

The total installed capacity of 820 MW is provided by four 205MW units. The power station’s stack is 300 m tall. Cooling towers are approximately 100 m tall and their ground-level diameter is around 60 m. Output is exported over two 400 kV lines to the Týnec nad Labem substation. Brown coal is the fuel and water for the power station is pumped from the river Elbe.

FGD erection at the Chvaletice power station was completed in 1998. The FGD technology is based on wet lime scrubbing and its efficiency exceeds 95%. A special feature of this installation is desulphurised flue gas flowing into the cooling towers. The power station operates two air pollution measurement stations, which are included in the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute’s AIM (automatic air pollution monitoring) network.

Another unique piece of equipment is the rotating coal tipper. The power station has the country’s largest coal storage area (designed for 850,000 tonnes).

Excursions are organised for schools..

Elektrárna Chvaletice

Energy by-products

The power station produces and markets fully certified energy by-products formed during combustion:

  • Slag
  • Ash
  • FGD gypsum
  • Stabilised mixture

Heat supply

In addition to generating electricity, the Chvaletice power station also supplies heat. It produces both commodities in cogeneration, which features a more efficient use of fuel and, in turn, energy savings with favourable environmental effects.

The plant supplies heat to the town of Chvaletice, the village of Trnávka and two industrial areas located between Chvaletice and the Chvaletice power station. It also supplies the premises of the power station with thermal energy. Annual heat supply totals approximately 200 TJ at an output of 4x15 MW.

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